Seating Group

An alumimium seat frame on a gray surface with a blue background.

The Seating group manufactures seat frame assemblies, seat frame components and seating mechanism parts of various types.

Seat Frames:

High Strength Steel or Aluminum seat backs that incorporate many innovative solutions. 

Seating Components:

Tubular based assemblies or partial frames.  BAA also produces a variety of formed wire products.

Mechanism Components:

Incorporated into the assemblies that adjust seats in the vehicle these assemblies are typically tubular with innovative bracket attachment solutions.

We have pioneered Weldless Seat Frame technology resulting in some frame assemblies being completely weld free. Our patented locked-on head rest guide tube attachment process is an industry leader in regards to maintaining parallelism and other advantages, completed without using traditional welding.

Our processes include high-speed dedicated transfer lines, robotic flexible systems and cell based manufacturing.