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Removing barriers and improving accessibility for all is a goal for us here at Bend All. Should you wish to provide feedback on our accessibility practices to further our continuous improvement and help us serve our customers, visitors, community, and team members better, please contact You may also contact HR to request documents in various accessible formats.


A parking lot full of cars in front of a concrete and glass building. Three flags are in the center, Canada, Mexico and the United States

Bend All Automotive Inc.
Plant 1 & Head Office

575 Waydom Drive
Ayr, Ontario – Canada
N0B 1E0
T: +1 519 623 2001
F: +1 519 623 4177

Entrance of the Bend-All Plant in Ayr Ontario. There are three flags and a truck trailer in the picture on the left. Two trees are in the foreground.

Automation & Tooling Centre
115 Wanless Court
Ayr, Ontario – Canada
T: +1 519 623 2001
F: +1 519 623 2253

This is the front door of the building of the Mexico Bend All Plant. It is a grey and red building. It also has the flags of Canada, Mexico and the United States of America out front. There is a bus stop and well-landscaped green lawns.

San Luis Potosi Facility
Calle Carrusel Dos #118
Parque Industrial Logistik
Villa de Reyes, San Luis Potosi – Mexico
T: +52 444 101 1013

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For any information about our parent organization, contact HDT Automotive.