Fluids Group

The Fluids Group is engaged in the design, validation and production of assemblies that transport and/or cool various fluids in the vehicle.

Tranmission Fluid

Traditionally labeled as Transmission Oil Cooler lines (TOC), our products vary in diameter from 6 mm to 19 mm. Several tube/hose constructions are available to meet specific customer/vehicle needs. Our assemblies can also incorporate a tubular based cooler within the assembly

Engine Oil:

Engine Oil Cooling lines (EOC) vary in diameter from 12 mm to 19 mm and usually transport engine oil to a front of vehicle heat exchanger. 

Engine Coolant:

Typically labeled as Heater Hose Assemblies these components transport coolant in the engine compartment for various purposes.

Power Steering Fluid:

We manufacture low pressure return lines, assemblies with an incorporated heat exchanger and assemblies that incorporate a tubular based cooler.

HVAC Tubes:

BAA produces a variety of tubes that are part of the Air Conditioning & Heater Core automotive systems

Modular Assembly:

Complete Cooling Radiator Fan Module (CRFM) assembly using mini-assembly lines that produce a fully tested assembly in line with automotive assembly plant needs.

Turbocharger Lubrication, Cooling & Bypass Assemblies:

Typically complex Stainless Steel Assemblies, these parts conduct oil and coolant to turbocharging units

Bypass Valve Assemblies:

BAA designs, validates and manufactures Thermal Bypass Valve Assemblies & Pressure Bypass Valve Assemblies that are used to regulate the temperature of Transmission Fluid and Engine Oil.

Wire Wound “Brush” Heat Exchangers: 

These innovative heat exchangers use aluminum wire attached to an aluminum tube.

Our fluid assemblies can be equipped with the patented BendAllForm Quick Connect formation that mates with the Jiffy-Tite Quick Connect (see www.jiffy-tite.com). Over 80,000 of these quick connections are made every day making it the industry leader.  We also have available various industry standard connection systems and customer specific end specifications.

Our fluid assemblies can range in complexity from simple steel tubes to assemblies with hose, bypass valves, heat exchangers and attachment brackets.  Our coupled hose products are engineered and tested to meet the harshest of vehicle conditions.

Components can be completely designed and validated or built from customer supplied specifications and drawings.