Automation & Tooling Group

The foundation of our company manufactures a variety of equipment. In addition to meeting our own manufacturing plant needs, BAA sells equipment to other automotive component manufactures. We also supply equipment for the appliance industry.

Tube End Forming:

High speed multi-function servo actuated machines that can produce precision end forms or end form assemblies in seconds.

Tube Roll Forming:

Servo actuated roll grooving machines that can produce a variety of end shapes.

Dedicated Bending Equipment:

Our benders are amongst the world’s best in both speed and quality.

Assembly & Automation Equipment:

U-shaped, circular or straight lines that are completely designed and built to meet the objectives of the process.

  • High speed robots are incorporated into many of our products.
  • Our cells or machines can combine & incorporate many processes.

We are experts in all types of tubing & wire ranging up to 35 mm in diameter. Aluminum and steel profiles can also be formed using our equipment.

Equipment is designed and built with manufacturing conditions considered. Our equipment is designed for:

  • Quick changeovers & adjustments
  • Lock-out free changeovers & adjustments
  • Easy & quick lock-outs
  • Low noise levels
  • Low heat emission
  • Hydraulic oil free if preferred
  • Easy to use touch screens & programs