Our Founders

Horst Mueller is on the left and Udo Petersen is on the right. Both are sitting and wearing light colored shirts.

Horst Udo Petersen Horst Mueller both emigrated to Canada from their native Germany. They came together to found Bend All Tools & Machines Ltd. in 1976. Their technical ability, innovative ideas, entrepreneurial spirit and passion for perfection were fundamental to the success of Bend All.

Horst Mueller poses in a black and white holding up a coolant hose.
Horst Mueller and Udo Petersen are both holding a shovel while participating in a groundbreaking ceremony . There is a blond woman wearing in a black and white outfit.
A picture of both Horst Udo Petersen and Horst Mueller. One is a brunette wearing a short sleeve navy blue polo top with a white button placket. The older gentleman is wearing a cream long sleeve shirt with buttons. He has glasses and white hair.
Udo Petersen is sitting in front of a drafting table wearing an all black outfit.