September 21, 2020 | Site Map
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Bend All Tools & Machines Ltd was founded in 1976 by 2 German immigrants, Horst Udo Petersen and Horst Mueller, in New Dundee, Ontario. Our first products were wire bending machines for the automotive seating industry with our first customer being Lear Siegler, now known as Lear Corporation. The product line expanded to include tube bending & forming machines for the automotive fluid handling sector. Our Tooling Division is the foundation of our company and remains a strength.

In 1987 Bend All Manufacturing Inc. was founded and the production of automotive components commenced. Our first major contract was with General Motors in 1991.

After operating as 2 separate companies for several years both companies were amalgamated and became Bend All Automotive Inc. (BAA) in 2001.

BAA is currently a management owned and operated private company.