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To all Team Members,

Please report to your regular shift on Friday October 18th 2019. (10 pm Thursday October 17th for Night Shift, 6am for Day shift and 2pm for Afternoon Shift)

Our Customer, General Motors, have reached a tentative agreement to end the labour disruption. While the agreement is being finalized, our expectation is that General Motors will restart some of their operations as early as Saturday October 19th. Engine and Transmission assembly plants (where we supply parts to) are expected to start-up first.

To support the anticipated high production volumes over the coming months, we are calling back all Bend All employees and our temporary staff team members to work on Friday October 18th 2019 to support equipment start-up and return to normal operations.

We are very excited to have all of our team members back to work to resume normal schedules. We understand these past few weeks have been difficult for you and your families and we are all happy to see this come to a positive conclusion.

By returning on Friday, you will be required to notify Service Canada \ Employment Insurance of your return to work, and Service Canada will adjust any payment for which you may be eligible based on the return to work date of Friday October 18th 2019.

While we are proceeding with the expectation that the agreement will be finalized without further disruption, we want to ensure everyone is aware that the agreement approval process (ie ratification) can take several days to occur. We will continue to monitor the situation and will advise of any further impacts to the organization.

We look forward to seeing you all on Friday!! All Team Meetings will be scheduled on Wednesday 23rd 2019 during your regular shift.